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April 2007

Well, three plus years have come and gone since the W6WLS 147.180 VHF repeater was put on the air, and, to this fine day it still is, thanks to help, from many.

I remember so well how it all came about and what help was needed. I swore I would not do this again, in fact what I said was "I will most likely never build one of these things again! My head hurts" (see October 2003 Short Skip, front page)

Well, my head got all better and I indeed built another repeater, not nearly as big or powerful as the first, but another none the less. It is the W6WLS 444.000 UHF repeater.

Its located in Scotts Valley off of Scotts Valley Dr. to the North end. It covers all of Scotts Valley city limits, and not much more.

OK, so what is it all about,

The north area of Scotts Valley, (namely my home) is somewhat shadowed from the W6WLS 147.180 machine, I and a few others were not having any good signal to the main system.

Now there is!!!! 444.000 (+) Pl-94.8

This is linked to the W6WLS 147.180 on command.

And speaking of links, it has come to my attention that some folks havenít heard what all has transpired during the three years, and there has been plenty.

For starters, "The Boss of The Bay" W6WLS, has joined forces to master the air waves of the Monterey Bay Area with "The Big Dog" "KI6FKX".

(sounds like a top 40 radio station promo from the 1970ís doesnít it ??)

Hear is what there is::

KI6FKX    located in Salinas-Monterey on Mt. Toro.                     147.270 (+) pl-94.8                            

W6WLS-1 located in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Ben Lomond.   147.180 (+) pl-94.8                            

W6WLS-2 located in the North End of Scotts Valley in Scotts Valley  444.000 (+) pl-94.8

NOTE:  KI6FKX is linked to W6WLS-1 (and W6WLS-1 is linked to W6WLS-2 on command)

All these work together to give the user the best option to be heard no matter where you are in the entire Monterey Bay Area, all in all, the system has proven to be very useful during events in our towns or around the bay, 24/7.     Give these a try, and any questions call on the repeater or write to: W6WLS@aol.com


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