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October 2003

So, there is "another" repeater in town (or at least on the air)?

Well if you havenít heard by now, there is. Itís the W6WLS Repeater on 147.180 (+) pl 94.8. Just another 2meter repeater, perhaps, then, perhaps not.

About three years ago I moved into Felton with my family, coming from the Soquel area.

After my move took place, I began to fall short of attending the K6BJ Club functions, nets, and alike. The reason, well, I just could not make good (if any) radio contact on K6BJ, I could hear, but it was very hard to talk back.

Then I got the bug, (or perhaps a flee or two) to build. "Build it and they will come"   or at least "Build it and they can hear" me!

So I began the task of asking around on how this repeater idea was to work, and with some very good support and a lot of patience (mine) things began to come together, location, equipment, a few dollars and time. As it all turned out, the darn thing works quite well, who would have guessed.

With the help of IRLP, W6WLS repeater can connect to K6BJ, and link to the 2-meter side. This was fantastic now I could once again communicate with the Santa Cruz Armature Radio Club Group, and best of all, ANYONE in the San Lorenzo Valley and surrounding Area, could check in to the net on Mondays via W6WLS Repeater system.

So if you have the chance take a moment to program your HT, Mobile or Base to 147.180 (+) pl 94.8 give it a shot, you might be surprised.

The W6WLS Machine links to K6BJ 146.790 on Mondays @ 7:25 pm and unlinks @ 8pm, (or when the net is completed).

If you would like, dial up any IRLP Node, and enjoy, just be sure to disconnect when done.

The whole idea was simply to allow the people in the outer areas of Santa Cruz to be able to make contact with the nets and others with out having to use a high power mobile or base.

If you have any ideas, comments or questions, please e-mail me

At w6wls@aol.com  any time.

Give it a try and thanks Mike/W6WLS

PS. I will most likely never build one of these things again! My head hurts.

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